Tokyo Ghoul // Episode 4

Shuu Tsukiyama // Episode 4 // Tokyo Ghoul

I’m human…..
This reminds me, I lost the last time we did this, too.



Celebrating hitting 200!

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Aoba and Clear’s first meeting
匿名 said: Hiiiiiiiii, may I ask you where do you watch free! eternal summer? I've been looking for it and can't find it. Thanks :)

sorry I watch it on crunchyroll but if you read my FAQ there are links to other websites where you can watch if for free!!

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Free! Eternal Summer | Episode 01

Aiichiro Nitori

You have summoned me here.
that can never be changed, and nothing sacrificed can be regained

The One-Eyed Ghoul

make me choose » Shishio Satsuki or Mamura Daiki asked by rayquaza-bby